LYDIA BEDDING is where expertise meets technology,  consolidating elegance to redefine sleep experience.

With a seasonedteam of professionals including designers, engineers, technologists, carpenters, sourcing and logistics specialists and project managers, we are specialized in delivering world-class mattress and base & headboard solutions.

12,000 Square Meters Facility

In our brand new, high-capacity 12,000 square meters facility located in İzmir / Türkiye, our daily production capacity is more than 500 beds, 300 bases and 200 headboards.

Square Meters Facility

As a proud member of "PROCYONE FZE Dubai," with assets exceeding 1.4 billion €, LYDIA BEDDING operates within a conglomerate thriving across diverse sectors including aviation (Avia Solutions Group), manufacturing, pharmacy, and real estate.

Leveraging our parent company's extensive resources and strategic focus, we're expanding our footprint in pharmaceutical ventures, furniture production (Fitsout), and innovative solutions for air passenger rights and claims compensation.

Using the advantage of our geography, we are focused on producing cost-efficient, high quality mattresses, bases & headboards to forge partnerships with our clients and the brands we represent.

By understanding your aspirations, navigating challenges, and sharing in our successes, we invite you to the common ground of crafting interiors that stand the test of time, leaving behind a remarkable legacy worldwide.